Realm of the Ancients: A Multiplayer Game

I’m building a new multiplayer game. Well, it’s not actually new. I’m rebuilding an old project, Realm of the Ancients.

Sword combat in the old Realm of the Ancients. The spinning attack is the dash attack of the sword. Demo of sword combat

Here’s why I’m doing this:

On a sidenote, I’m really excited about publishing these posts. I feel like they can fulfill the objectives of journaling my project, sharing my work with others, and keeping me accountable and motivated. We’ll see how these go and how well they accomplish those objectives.

So, what is Realm of the Ancients? Well, Realm of the Ancients was a multiplayer hack and slash game. There were multiple weapons and the objective was to hit your opponents as much as possible (of course, health and life was not implemented yet). The intention was for the core strategic variety to exist through the differences between the weapons. On top of that, neutral monsters, powerups, boss monsters (ancients), and environmental obstacles would add to the challenge and fun of the game. The original Realm of the Ancients only made it to the point of implementing the multiple weapons and combat, and I dropped the project when at the point where I was tuning the values of the various weapons and their abilities.

Knowing what I’m building and indirectly why, the next step is how I’m going to build it. Particularly, how I’m going to stay organized and keep myself working. One of the problems I’ve had with building games is dealing with the tricky and unreliable cycles of motivation. Sometimes I feel super motivated and will sit down for 6 hours, getting a bunch of stuff done. Other times I’ll sit down and want to work on something but find a way to keep putting off a simple task and browse Reddit instead. I’m hoping that planning, writing these posts, and putting things on my personal calendar will help me keep myself accountable.

One thing I’m doing is keeping a public Trello to organize what I have to do and what I will implement in the future. If you want to see how things are going, that’s a good place to go.

My next blog post will probably be about how I’m doing networking this time around. It’s already on a Trello card! Until then, I’ll be working on (re)implementing animations, attacks, and hitboxes.